Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Speranza: Why Do People Love Silver Lake's Secret Italian Spot So Much?

Speranza's discreet exterior  
Speranza isn't really secret -- it's been around for several years and has a smattering of reviews on Yelp, but it flies pretty far under the radar. Maybe it's the industry crowd that would prefer not to have the word get out, but the Hyperion Ave. spot definitely keeps things on the down-low. EatingLA doesn't have a problem with that -- but this place doesn't wow me the way it does many other locals. Here's an excerpt  from the Los Feliz Ledger review:
 Everyone loves the tangy sourdough bread served with a spicy dipping sauce in small bowls. Start with a salads like fennel with pears and pine nuts or caprese, or an Italian classic like prosciutto and melon, carpaccio or burrata.
Fresh pasta is the main draw—in dishes like fettucine al pesto and linguini with clams—though dried pasta works well too in dishes like Bucatini amatriciana, with a smoky bacon flavor and a hint of spice. Spaghetti with bottarga (dried cod roe) and anchovies sounds intriguing but is oddly bland, considering its strongly flavored ingredients. Also popular are squid ink pasta and squid ink risotto and lobster risotto. Gluten-free pasta is available on request.
Basic but properly-cooked swordfish comes on a large bed of arugula, a good choice for carb avoiders, while the branzino is served deboned. Though many choose pasta or risotto for the main course, several other proteins include grilled lamb chops, veal chops, shrimp and crab legs.

Speranza, 2547 Hyperion Ave., (323) 644-1918


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i guess i'll save my comments for a yelp review.

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They had a really good list of Italian pasta, really love it!

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Couldn't agree more.