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Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Ramen Jinya: Wilshire's noodle nirvana

basic bowl of porky ramen bliss
Us mid-Wilshire office workers were suffering along with Baja Fresh and Callendar's for a long time before the food trucks arrived. They brought welcome diversity to office lunches, though not much in the way of seating or healthy food. If you're looking for burgers or beer, the Counter is certainly a viable option, but the arrival of Ramen Jinya on Wilshire just east of La Brea is definitely an exciting development. An offshoot of the Ventura Blvd. ramen destination, which itself sprang from a Japanese company, the Jinya restaurants are dedicated to high-quality ingredients with extra flourishes that layer on the flavor in a most satisfying way.
A small but sleek space
The Miracle Mile location is a narrow mini-mall space that formerly housed a dubious outpost of New Meiji. Ramen Jinya is is huge improvement over the musty sushi and flaccid tempura of the former tenant, and it's some of the best ramen in L.A. at the moment. The original Shoyu Tonkotsu ramen, at $8.55, is a murky, pork-infused broth of significant deliciousness. Spinach, seaweed, and tender slices of pork blissfully co-exist with thin or thick ramen noodles that are then topped with fried onion strands for an extra hit of umami. Served in a lovely ceramic bowl at a not-too-steaming temperature, it makes a hearty lunch for one person -- really, you won't want to share, but if you're ordering other items, it might be possible.
Garlic and 'red hot' chili oil layer on the flavor
For $10.55, special bowls add more ingredients like chili oil, or add extra ingredients -- everything from corn to butter -- for around $1 each. There's vegetarian versions, and chicken ramen is often available as a special but isn't yet in the regular rotation. Also on the menu: are potstickers, cold noodles and seaweed salad. Finally, a breath of fresh, pork-scented air on Wilshire Blvd.
Ramen Jinya
5174 Wilshire Blvd.

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